Friday, April 11, 2014


I took this picture while I was in the library and tilt the camera to the side so it could be at a different angle. This picture have vantage point, you can see as it gets dark in the back. This image have bokeh that's where the image is clear in the front and completely blurred in the back. It also have composition and lines from the book. I like this picture a lot i think it came about pretty good, I really didn't think I could take a good shot in the library
I took this image while sitting on the ground while having the camera looking up towards the lunch tables so it could have an different angle than usual. This image have lines and composition. The poles are what gives the image the line element. I like this image i like how the picture looks, i think it came out great if i do say so myself.
Once again I took this image at the library. I had took this sideways sort of so it could look like the wall was endless.This image also have lines and it have composition. The image do have some light and depth. But mostly the image have texture you can see how the books and the bookshelf. I like this picture I think it came out nice I'm very impress with this.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo of the Week

I took this shot while sitting and holding the camera a certain way so it could get that Dutch angle and vantage point. I really like this shot I think it came pretty good I just wish the trees weren't in the picture.

I took this with my phone when I was the beach the other day. I had tilt my phone while taking this and you can see how it's blurred in the back a little and more defined in the front. Even though I used my phone (which is not an iPhone ) I think this picture came out pretty good and I really like it.